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Investment Overview of Cryptogram Venture (CGV) in 2022: Extensive Layout in Metaverse, Games, NFT,

2022 is a highly unusual year for the crypto industry. With the collapse of Luna/UST as the starting point, prominent institutional participants such as 3AC and FTX have taken a heavy toll one after another and coupled with the severe macro-financial environment “deleveraging” impact. The crypto industry has suffered a long cold winter. However, many investment institutions are still unswervingly optimistic about the application prospects of crypto and Web3. With a long-term vision, they actively carry out business layouts “countercyclically.”

As a research and investment institution in the crypto and Web3 industry with compliance qualifications approved by Japan, Cryptogram Venture (CGV) has always adhered to the research-driven investment” business orientation. Since its inception, CGV has taken advantage of its location and business hub in Japan to explore and help more innovative crypto projects across the world by actively participating in extensive research in the primary crypto market, organizing the first Web3 hackathon in Japan (, and delivering high-quality industry research reports (

Since 2020, we have witnessed the rise of DeFi, the emergence of NFTs, the popularity of GameFi, the nationwide pursuit of Metaverse, the implementation of Layer 2, the madness of the new public chain, etc. These narratives in different fields facilitate the national quest for encryption. According to Steve Chiu, founder of CGV, “It is crucial for crypto practitioners to discover and anticipate the new narrative of the future to make response and layout in advance.”

It is precisely based on the professional trend research and accurate cycle prediction of the encryption industry that CGV has successfully participated in the early stages of projects such as Republic, CasperLabs, AlchemyPay, The Graph, Bitkeep, Pocket, and Powerpool, as well as the yen stable currency JPYW under the supervision of the Japanese government. Invest and get rich investment returns.

In 2022, CGV invested in dozens of crypto projects and made extensive layouts in critical fields such as Metaverse, games, and NFT. Typical projects include:

Metaverse field

l SkyArk Chronicles: a multi-Metaverse inspired by Japanese anime. It develops the story around the fantasy world created by Satoshi Nakamoto. It has monsters and heroes in fantasy and urban areas to immerse players in the fantasy game world, such as Legends Arise, House of Heroes, and Re: SkyArkVerse.

l SecondLive: it builds a center for Metaverse residents, where more than 1 million users gather to express their views, give full play to their creativity, build a parallel universe in their dreams, and establish a Web3 open Metaverse that serves 1 billion people with the content generated by UGC and AI.

l HALO: it cooperates with 3D artist communities to realize the value exchange with the natural world through the original economic system and brand effect. In HALO, characters are static images and avatars of ourselves in the virtual world, connecting the virtual world with the real one.

Game field

l Avalon: an MMORPG Metaverse game involving P2E (play to earn) economic model and content creation tools.

l PIAS: an agriculture-based simulation game with the theme of the human renaissance. It integrates digital and physical elements and can exchange the in-game items (NFT) obtained by players through the game for crops in the real world.

l Bedlam: an electronic sports game center, a platform for creating and hosting personal game identities (performance statistics and content) for Web3 games. Users can participate in leagues or tournaments and follow their favorite teams.

l Orbler: a tower defense game driven by P2E (play-to-earn) model that requires clever thinking and planning to achieve victory. Players become Orblers, defend personal areas, and fight with enemies using orbs.

l Mechaverse War: a mecha game from Japan. It is committed to building the world’s first real-time strategic mecha game platform. The cultural background of modern Japanese mecha anime and ancient samurai armor inspires the project.

NFT field

l UneMeta: a leading NFT incubation platform, trading market, and social space. It is committed to creating a safer, more convenient, and better NFT participant experience for NFT players, with numerous high-quality IP resources, mature NFT operation mode, and solid technology and community infrastructure.

l BBC Protocol: a computing power service platform integrating Bitcoin computing power distribution and Bitcoin multiple financial derivatives. It aims to build the next computing power Metaverse with NFTs. It cooperates with many large Bitcoin mining pools, mining machine manufacturers, mining plants, and power suppliers worldwide to provide users with systematic BTC mining and financial derivatives value-added services.

l Multiverse Play: a decentralized NFT post-investment management platform that connects users and assets of Web3, including players, NFT holders, guilds, and developers. Additionally, it provides them with intelligent matching, task scheduling, asset management, and high liquidity.

Infrastructure field

l Celestia: the first modular blockchain network with pluggable consensus and data availability layer. It enables anyone to quickly deploy a decentralized blockchain without the expense of bootstrapping a new consensus network.

“After the shakeout in 2022, the future crypto digital asset market will gradually undergo the transition from ‘wild growth’ without the need for permits to ‘rational prosperity’ with regulatory compliance”, said Steve Chiu. In 2023, CGV will constantly explore popular Web3 fields such as Blockchain Infrastructure, Metaverse, NFT, DAO, SocialFi, GameFi, and DeFi. Additionally, CGV will pay constant attention to innovative trends such as wallet infrastructure, innovative stablecoins, Web3 mobile products, zero-knowledge proof, soulbound tokens, and fully on-chain games to help more outstanding projects have a smooth start and achieve sustainable growth and development.

Cryptogram Venture (CGV) is a Japan-based research and investment institution engaged in the crypto industry. With the business philosophy of “research-driven investment,” it has participated in early investments in Republic, CasperLabs, AlchemyPay, the Graph, Bitkeep, Pocket, and Powerpool, as well as the Japanese government-regulated yen stablecoin JPYW, etc. Meanwhile, CGV FoF is the limited partner of Huobi venture, Rocktree capital, Kirin fund, etc. From July to October 2022, it launched the first Tokyo Web3 Summer Hackathon (TWSH) in Japan, jointly supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Keio University, SONY, SoftBank, and other institutions and experts. CGV has branches in Singapore, Canada, and the Chinese mainland.

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