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From The Dawn of Consumer Crypto to The Modular World: Crypto Review selected articles (April 2022)

In the tide of encryption technology, Crypto Review came into being. Initiated by cryptogram venture (CGV)FoF, with the purpose of “providing in-depth value reference for global encryption practitioners”, crypto review is committed to providing meticulous industry insights, the best investment and research practice guidance to encryption professionals and enthusiasts all over the world, And expand the positive impact of encryption consensus on more institutions and the wider population.

Crypto Review is not for profit and adopts the recommendation and invitation system. The content covers: 1. Encryption trends. Pay attention to the technology, management, industry and even macro factors that will affect the behavior of the encryption industry; 2. Overview of the track. Share the latest Overview Research and analysis based on a specific vertical field; 3. Project analysis. Comprehensively and deeply interpret the early dark horse project and star project, and systematically interpret their design concept and mode.

The following is a selection of crypto review articles (April 2022)


The Dawn of Consumer Crypto

initial public publication time: August 20, 2021

Jarrod Dicker

Partner of TCG Crypto

Jacob Smilovitz

Principal at TCG

CR Recommendation

Web3 promises to provide a new gateway for billions of users to make their lives more online through self-sovereignty, portability and ownership. The realization of such a vision is now closer and closer to us. Whether it’s culture, status and community, 24/7 marketplaces for everything, and new business models, the new form of online living that web3 brings has slowly seeped into the daily lives of more people. As the authors say, “ The dawn of consumer crypto is here. We now need to shine a light on it.”

Decentralized Speed: Advances in Zero Knowledge Proofs

initial public publication time: April 15, 2022

Elena Burger

Analyst, Crypto Investment Team of A16Z

CR Recommendation

Zero-knowledge cryptography has been one of the most significant innovations in computer science over the past 50 years. Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) offer unique properties that make them an important part of various blockchain scaling and privacy solutions. Today, we are currently in the early stages of a series of advances in zero-knowledge proof solutions — but just in the last decade, the improvements in speed, efficiency, user-friendliness, and decentralization have been astounding. We have evolved from a very small number of consumer-facing applications in the zero-knowledge space to an entire ecosystem of applications and blockchains providing privacy and scalability in a very short period of time. It is important to be reminded that as we go through the web3 revolution, don’t forget our original intent: to create a new world of accessibility, no trust, and decentralization.

The Modular World

initial public publication time: April 14, 2022

Maven11 Research

CR Recommendation

The concept of modularity has been mentioned by many KOLs and L2 teams in the past year. To better understand how each of the different “modular” architectures work, the article is illustrated with hand drawings that very vividly describe their differences. Finally, it shows us a picture of the future of building modular stacks on top of Celestia, which is worth watching.


BLOG: Financial Infrastructures for Crypto Games

initial public publication time: March 28, 2022


incentive researcher, being advised by Dan Boneh at Stanford School of Medicine, researching on decentralized scientific funding with crypto.


Game designer & individual researcher, Tokenomics & virtual economy, Part-time gaming intern of FoliusVentures

CR Recommendation

As the authors argue, the success of all economies is dependent on a balanced and sustainable monetary system. While the GameFi project, represented by Axie, has been an effective practice for exploring the balance between the game economy in terms of its monetary supply and demand, the extreme volatility of the in-game currency still poses a great challenge for all stakeholders. This paper suggests that embedding some tried and tested financial infrastructures into a gamer-friendly version seems to be a very good idea, And listed the specific path of “BLOG”, namely: Buybacks, Locking , Omnipool and Governance, which is very informative.

Multicoin Capital: In Search of Outliers

initial public publication time: April 3, 2022

Mario Gabriele

Founder of The Generalist

CR Recommendation

True greatness requires stamina and persistence. For any VC, in order to demonstrate skills as an investor, it is not enough to succeed once, but must be proven through countless success stories across cycles and market conditions. How to find the next Solana, Helium and The Graph?Multicoin is working hard to find new pockets of value. Combinability, data DAO, and physical proof of work may be the answer to their thinking.


Three counterintuitive lessons from a crypto investoooor

initial public publication time: April 22, 2022

Richard Chen

General Partner at 1confirmation

CR Recommendation

Crypto VC investing is a discipline that is always changing, as the entire crypto industry is changing rapidly. Is portfolio construction more important than picking the right underlying? Is it hard to pick winners in a crowded space of popular narratives? The authors cite several counter-intuitive lessons that deserve attention; after all, much of the crypto industry’s past can be a stumbling block to future growth.

11 Tips to Avoid Crypto Startup Legal Pitfalls

initial public publication time: March 22, 2022

Lindsay X. Lin

Counsel & Partner @ Dragonfly Capital

CR Recommendation

Legal issues are the “sword of Damocles” over the heads of many crypto startups. Class action lawsuits, enforcement actions, criminal investigations, consumer harm and unexpected taxes are legal headaches that can come up at any time. The purpose of this article is to provide startup founders with some operational tips that come from years of experience up close and personal. How do cryptocurrency startups build legitimacy so they prepare themselves for the long haul? What are some common pitfalls? What kind of infrastructure should they build? 11 important tips, 11 pitfall avoidance guides.

Tips to Founders Raising Capital

initial public publication time: March 21, 2022

Tommy Shaughnessy

Co-Founder of Delphi Digital

CR Recommendation

As a veteran of the crypto investment and research industry, Delphi has invested in over 100 projects, seen thousands of projects, and has a lot of experience drilling down into projects. In this article, Delphi Digital co-founder Tom Shaughnessy tweets some advice to project founders on raising capital, each of which is probably a mine trodden by dozens of hundreds of projects in the past. Although the text and format are slightly fragmented, it is full of dry information.

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