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From NFT paradigm shift to MetaFi new framework:Crypto Review selected articles (January 2022)

Blockchain technology is constantly changing the way we work, live, study and play. As far as the evolution of cryptocurrency market is concerned, 2021 is a very eye-catching year: we have seen the rise of many new blockchain projects, challenging the dominant position of Ethereum. The market value of various digital currencies such as BTC has reached an all-time high, and the dazzling NFT boom has pushed forward the large-scale implementation of blockchain technology.

In the tide of encryption technology, Crypto Review came into being. Initiated by cryptogram venture (CGV), with the purpose of “providing in-depth value reference for global encryption practitioners”, crypto review is committed to providing meticulous industry insights, the best investment and research practice guidance to encryption professionals and enthusiasts all over the world, And expand the positive impact of encryption consensus on more institutions and the wider population.

Crypto Review is not for profit and adopts the recommendation and invitation system. The content covers: 1. Encryption trends. Pay attention to the technology, management, industry and even macro factors that will affect the behavior of the encryption industry; 2. Overview of the track. Share the latest Overview Research and analysis based on a specific vertical field; 3. Project analysis. Comprehensively and deeply interpret the early dark horse project and star project, and systematically interpret their design concept and mode.

The encryption world is changing with each passing day, and the opportunity of the encryption world is fleeting.

We hope Crypto Review can precipitate more valuable thoughts and really help encryption practitioners understand the present and see the future in the torrent of the times.

The following is a selection of crypto review articles (January 2022)


《The Web3 Playbook: Using Token Incentives to Bootstrap New Networks》

CR Recommendation:

a16z which is the author’s organization is the largest investor in Web3. The full text is concise and insightful. It is impressive to predict and analyze the world of Web3 from the perspective of the history of Internet development. It remains to be seen how amazing diversity and potential Web3 will show.

《Blockchains are cities》

CR Recommendation:

The world of blockchain is abstract and obscure, especially the public chain. However, the author compares the public chain with different cities such as San Francisco and Chicago, vividly shows the competition pattern of various mainstream public chains, and boldly puts forward his own assumptions based on the realistic logic of urban development. Perhaps, we can perceive the outline of the future public chain world in advance.

《Cars, Ownership, Capitalism, NFTs, and the Metaverse》

CR Recommendation:

NFT represents a paradigm shift in the online world. Everyone can truly own their own digital assets in a decentralized and scalable way. The property right mechanism based on openness, fairness, user ownership, property rights and non-zero sum method will further form a better state or social pattern. Perhaps this will finally truly form the end of the meta-universe ideal in the author’s eyes.

《Great Protocol Politics》

CR Recommendation:

Technology has changed not only the global order, but also the nature of companies and countries themselves. Standing at the height of human history and civilization, the author forecasts and analyzes the world change caused by the development of a new generation of innovative technology represented by crypto technology. The importance of crypto protocol is underestimated. It can protect property and execute contracts beyond the boundaries of traditional nation-state. The author’s view is refreshing.


《How to define MetaFi and MetaFi’s framework(excerpt)》

CR Recommendation:

When metaverse meets DeFi, what kind of spark will it produce? This is an excerpt from outslier ventures’ comprehensive analysis and interpretation report on the new concept of MetaFi. The article puts forward that the main growth of DeFi in the future will not be driven by CeFi, but to release value by MetaFi. MetaFi will be an economic system parallel to the legal financial system. In this case, we need to think about MetaFi from the perspective of financial inclusion.

《Building and Running a DAO: Why Governance Matters》

CR Recommendation:

The early well-known DAO “the DAO” did not develop smoothly, because it was impossible to find an incentive model that could encourage voters to highly participate in DAO affairs. Now, with the rise of DeFi, new “DeFi DAOs” begin to appear. They use the economic reward mechanism to encourage people to participate in these systems. In addition, DAO organizations continue to add new collective skills and modify the governance process in time, which makes the development of DAO in 2022 worth looking forward to.

《Where the Multi-Billion Dollar Crypto Derivatives Market is Headed Next》

CR Recommendation:

Although the crypto derivatives market has a huge volume, the market structure needs to be improved. For example, the trading volume of crypto options accounts for about 2% of the spot; In the US stock market, the figure is about 35 times. Considering the rise of centralized and decentralized option infrastructure, the growth of decentralized perpetual contract trading volume, and the innovation of encryption original business, the author is optimistic that 2022 will become the year of encryption derivatives.

《Competitive outlook for Layer-1 platforms and Ethereum’s scaling solutions in 2022(excerpt)》

CR Recommendation:

Although Ethereum plans to switch to PoS mechanism in June 2022, according to the road map, Ethereum needs to upgrade for several years to complete the segmentation, that is the real Ethereum 2.0. Although there are many debates about the design and advantages of each public chain, the vigorous development of multiple public chains shows that as long as there is demand in the market, they may occupy a place in the future. Therefore, in the next few years, the new public chain will compete not with Ethereum, but with various solutions of Ethereum L2. The multi chain pattern of the whole industry will further develop, and cross chain interoperability will become more important.


《Introducing Lockdrop + LBA: A Novel Token Launch Mechanism》

CR Recommendation:

Both “Lockdrop” and “liquidity Bootstrap Auction (LBA) “represent the new basic elements of token issuance. Delphi chose to combine the two elements to better meet the important goal of providing all liquidity and price discovery on the basis of decentralization. Perhaps this will become a new paradigm of token distribution mechanism in the future.

《Why Solana May Become the iOS of the Encrypted World?》

CR Recommendation:

Comparing Solana with Apple iOS, the author’s idea seems to be very bold and radical, but from the first principle thinking, the winners are similar, and the success paths they follow overlap. The cross temporal and spatial comparison between encryption and Internet in different fields gives us a new dimension of thinking about encryption projects with growth potential.

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