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From first crypto war in the world to Web3’s Mobile Moment: Crypto Review selected articles-March

In the tide of encryption technology, Crypto Review came into being. Initiated by cryptogram venture (CGV)FoF, with the purpose of “providing in-depth value reference for global encryption practitioners”, crypto review is committed to providing meticulous industry insights, the best investment and research practice guidance to encryption professionals and enthusiasts all over the world, And expand the positive impact of encryption consensus on more institutions and the wider population.

Crypto Review is not for profit and adopts the recommendation and invitation system. The content covers: 1. Encryption trends. Pay attention to the technology, management, industry and even macro factors that will affect the behavior of the encryption industry; 2. Overview of the track. Share the latest Overview Research and analysis based on a specific vertical field; 3. Project analysis. Comprehensively and deeply interpret the early dark horse project and star project, and systematically interpret their design concept and mode.

The following is a selection of crypto review articles (Mar 2022)


Energy Cancelled

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The author Hayes has worked in Deutsche Bank and Citibank for many years and founded the famous Bitmex exchange. He has a deep understanding of how to build and trade financial derivatives. Compared with other researchers, Hayes may be the crypto practitioner most sensitive to how the macro economy affects the crypto market. For the recent US sanctions against Russia and the freezing of foreign exchange reserves, Hayes believes that this will lead to the decline of fiat currencies such as the US dollar, which is good for gold and Bitcoin. His prediction is more radical: the value of a Bitcoin will reach millions of dollars, and an ounce of gold will be worth thousands of dollars.

Web3’s Mobile Moment

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Do we remember how mobile devices began to change the Internet and the economy as a whole? Maybe most people have forgotten. Many trends occur imperceptibly. If Web3 wants to have the same scale as the Internet, what scenarios will it break through first? The author lists geolocation NFT, augmented reality Web3 games, things involving augmented reality and NFT, social Web3 wallets, highly visual “lot bags” and NFT galleries. This may give you some inspiration.

The Missing Link Between Web2 and Web3: Custody

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Fully controlling your digital assets is one of the most attractive places of Web3, and it is also one of the biggest thresholds for new crypto users. Today, centralized exchanges like Coinbase have proved the effectiveness of the “custody” model in crypto token trading. The author believes that Web3 products cannot expect users to jump into the tide of decentralization from the familiar centralized experience in one step. Indeed, there may be a middle ground in the alternation of anything.

7 Potential Impacts of Ukraine War on Crypto

CR Recommendation

“The first crypto war in the world”, the Washington Post commented on the Russian Ukrainian war. In my opinion, the recent war in Ukraine will rewrite or accelerate the historical process of crypto to a certain extent. Another thing most people ignore is that Ukraine legalized cryptocurrency before the war with Russia. This time point seems a little subtle. The author comprehensively analyzes the seven impacts of the war in Ukraine on the crypto world. Perhaps we will encounter these predictions soon. In short, the market will continue to fluctuate in the short term, and crypto market will benefit in the long term.


Yield Farming for Serious People

CR Recommendation

In essence, DeFi investors are not much different from traditional investors. Both take risks, provide value and reap rewards. This article studies revenue farming from the perspective of basic principles to obtain compound returns from the operation of encrypted assets. It illustrates the most basic value exchange in the whole mining process. In the author’s opinion, DeFi investors passively provide five forms of value: operating the network, providing loans, providing liquidity, management agreements and promotion agreements, and the resulting rewards are jointly provided by the protocol owners, users and investors.

On-chain identity landscape

CR Recommendation

The concept of DID (decentralized identity) has existed for several years. Some organizations such as DIF and W3C tried to establish DID standards, but the early definition mainly focused on establishing authentication systems through cryptography. With the rise of NFT, GameFi and more forms, users need to add more data on the chain to did to enrich their decentralized identity, which gave birth to a new identity track on the chain. With the further enrichment of crypto ecology, Web3 identity will also become an indispensable and important module of crypto ecology.

NFT Index Methodology

CR Recommendation

Nansen is positioned as an “on chain analysis platform for encryption traders and investors”, its core competitiveness is mainly data analysis and processing capabilities. The launch of Nansen NFT index will become a new data vane in NFT market. How to use Nansen to find the most potential NFT projects in advance? This paper gives a detailed description. Through these six indexes, all users can explore and diversify into different areas of NFT market. It can be said that the password of NFT investment is among them, which is worth collecting and studying.

Play-to-Earn Guilds: A breakdown by Impossible Finance (Excerpt)

CR Recommendation

There is a saying that P2E guild is the real promoter of the fire of Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. The P2E guild has achieved great success in helping Axie Infinity and other P2E games expand, enabling them to accumulate token assets for reinvestment and expansion. Nowadays, P2E track is not only in the white hot competition of the game, but also faces great competition from P2E guilds. Impossible research has conducted a comprehensive analysis of eight P2E guilds such as YGG, which has a good guiding significance in terms of investment, cooperation and even choosing P2E games in the future.


Common pitfalls for Web3 founders

CR Recommendation

This article is a “Step-By-Step Guide” written by the author to the founder of Web3 project. Whether it’s obsessed with marketing, expanding too fast or too early, or how to recruit the right talents to join the team, Qiao Wang almost gives the standard reference answer with practical experience. As the author’s original intention of writing this article is “open source it, because it may benefit thousands of aspiring new Web3 founders”. I believe you will gain something after reading it. Even if you are not the founder of the project, a lot of methodological thinking is also very valuable.

How to run a diligence process for an early-stage crypto investment

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Compared with Web2, the early investment of Web3 requires new thinking patterns and standards. At present, the author’s organization paradigm has established the world’s largest crypto fund. Combined with his own industry experience, the author lists the realizable paths to investigate and study early encryption projects. Each seems simple and concise, but it really takes a lot of effort to achieve it, such as talking with users; Why publish now and so on. In short, only through better investigation and research can help us to find more valuable projects at an earlier time.

For more information, please refer to Crypto Review (Mar, 2022).

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