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Invest Manager

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Tokyo, Japan

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

1. Familiar with various public chains,layer2, GameFi, DAO, DeFi and other popular tracks, discover early high-qualityprojects at home and abroad, and be responsible for project tracking andcontact;
2. Lead the due diligence of the project,and conduct a detailed investigation of the team, products, business, profitmodel, token model, and potential risks
3. Assist in project negotiation, writeinvestment or cooperation agreements, and cooperate with colleagues toimplement the implementation;
4. Deviating from studying abroad ispreferred, and those who are fluent in English listening, speaking, reading andwriting are preferred Job description



1. .More than 1.2 years of blockchaininvestment experience, with basic financial analysis capabilities;

2. Understand the situation of DeFi, NFT,and Metaverse track, and have personally invested in more than 3 projects;

3. Familiar with mainstream cryptocurrencyinvestment institutions in Europe and America, and have certain resources ofEuropean and American investment institutions;

4. Those who have experience incryptocurrency investment institutions are preferred.


2. DeFi、NFT、およびMetaverseトラックの状況を理解し、3つ以上のプロジェクトに個人的に投資しました。



About the Company

CGV FoF is an Asia-based Fund of Funds (FoF) that focuses on investments in Crypto Fund and Crypto Studio. CGV FoF is composed of family funds from Japan, Korea, and China's mainland and Taiwan, with headquarters in Japan and branches in Singapore and Canada.

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